Council Meetings

Generally, Bathurst City Council holds a regular monthly Committee of the Whole meeting, usually on the second Monday of the month at 6:30p.m., and a regular public meeting usually on the third Monday of the Month at 6:30p.m., in Council chambers at City Hall, located at 150 St. George Street.

Extraordinary meetings of Council may be called throughout the course of the year.

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To view Council meetings

Citizens can view Public meetings of Bathurst City Council (live or recorded) on the following platforms:

  March 09, 2020  Council Chambers  06:30 AM

Special Public Meeting

  March 09, 2020  Council Chambers  06:00 PM

Information Session

  February 18, 2020  Council Chambers  06:30 PM

Regular Public Meeting

  January 20, 2020  Council Chambers  06:30 PM

Regular Public Meeting

  January 13, 2020  Council Chambers  06:30 PM

Special Public Meeting

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