Daly Point Nature Reserve

Daly Point Nature Reserve

Daly Point Nature Reserve, located just northeast of the Bathurst Harbor on Carron Drive, is a naturalist's dream as it boasts some 100 acres of pristine salt marsh, wooded plots and an extensive network of trails.

The Point is alive with wildlife and especially birdlife, which attracts bird-watchers by the hundreds. The field trail leads visitors through fields and pastureland. The various trees and shrubs are typical of growth on abandoned land, making for an area that is slowly becoming woodland through a process called "succession". 

The nature land is dotted with deciduous and coniferous trees in the area designated as part of the Acadian Forest Region. Visitors should bring binoculars for bird watching, cameras for capturing the scenery and lunch baskets for a nature picnic. 

For more information on programs and events at Daly Point Nature Preserve, contact:

Lisa Noel (Martin)