Recreational Spaces

There are many recreational facilities all around Bathurst, comprising of indoor and outdoor spaces for sports, events, sightseeing, and leisure.

Indoor Recreation Facilities

    Bathurst Aquatic Centre

    Pavilion Gymnasium

    K.C. Irving Regional Center

    Bathurst Curling Club 

Baseball / Softball Fields

    Coronation Park

    École secondaire Nepisiguit / Place des Jeunes 

Tennis Courts

    École secondaire Nepisiguit

Pickleball Courts

    Centennial Park

Soccer Fields

    École secondaire Nepisiguit / Place des Jeunes 

Track and Field

    École secondaire Nepisiguit / Place des Jeunes

Beaches and Boating 

    Youghall Beach / Park

    Richelieu Park Boat Slip

Trails and Nature Sites

Our lengthy trail systems stretch all across the city and traverse through some of our most picturesque areas. We offer trails for all seasons, including walking, cycling, snowshoeing and fatbiking. 

    Daly Point Nature Reserve

    Bathurst and Chaleur Green Trails

    Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail

    Mountain Fatbike Chaleur

    Bathurst Snow Bears / Ours des neiges 

Youth Activities

    Bathurst Youth Centre