Fat Biking in Bathurst

Fat Biking in Bathurst

Bathurst is happy to have a fat bike trail system located in the heart of the city.

Near Squire Green Golf Course, the trail system has grown to accommodate around 8 kilometres of different fat bike specific trails that are groomed and maintained all winter long.

These fat bike trails are meant to accommodate riders of all skill levels. Whether you are a fat bike pro, or a first time rider, our trails are sure to please.

Fat Bike Rules

  • Helmets must be worn
  • DO NOT USE TRAILS if your track is more than one inch deep, if you have difficulty going straight or if you have to get off the bike to make a small climb
  • Tires must be 3.7" or wider
  • Tire air pressure should be no more than 10 pounds per square inch (psi)
  • Do not ride on cross-country ski trails in winter except at intersections
  • Yield to skiers at every intersection; they do not have brakes like you!

Seasonal Maps

Depending on the time of year — winter and summer — we have different trail maps that you should follow as different parts of the woods become more or less useable depending on the season. 

Winter Trail Map - Fatbiking

Summer Trail Map - Fatbiking

Fat Bike Rentals

The city of Bathurst is proud to have a fleet of ten fat bikes that are available as a rental service.

The fat bikes are available either for the whole day or as a half-day rental. Accessing the rental bikes and returning them is a self-serve process.

To ensure availability, call (506) 548-0410 or email us at KCRegionalCenter@bathurst.ca. Then to rent, stop in to fill out a rental form at the K.C. Irving Regional Center and to pick up the required equipment to gain access to your rental. 


  • $25 / half day
  • $40 / full day

Rental Process

Once you have completed the registration form for your rental, you will be given a key fob, which you will use to access the “Fat Shack” and pick up your bike.

The “Fat Shack”, which contains the Rental bikes and trail system, is located at 750 Golf Street in Bathurst.

(Directions from the K.C. Irving Regional Centre to the Fat Shack can be found here.)

We have the following bicycles meant to accommodate different sizes:

  • Youth: below 5’2” (black Specialized bike)
  • Small: 5’2” to 5’7” (black Evo bikes)
  • Medium: 5’7” to 5’11”bikes (maroon Rocky Mountain bikes)
  • Large: 5’11” and above (white Devinci bikes)

* Seat post height can be adjusted by using the quick release collar located at the base of the seat post.

** Various size helmets are also available for use and sizes are individually marked on each helmet. Helmets are mandatory at all times while riding.

If you rented an optional bike light, ($20 cash deposit), the front light mounts are already installed on the handlebars. Just slide the light onto the mount. 


To remove the light, just press the tab at the back of the light mount. 

If you rented a rear light as well, you simply attach the rubber mount around the bicycle’s seat post to ensure it is securely fastened. 

  1. When exiting the building please keep the key fob with you and make sure the door is securely locked behind you when you leave.
  2. To return your rental bike(s), access the building using your key fob as described above and replace your bike(s) on the rack inside the building.
  3. If you rented a light, ensure to keep it with you and return to the recreation office at the KCI Centre, where you had initially filled out your registration, your deposit ($20), will be returned to you at that time. 
  4. Upon exiting, drop your key fob into the mailbox on the back of door.
  5. Make sure the door is securely locked behind you when you leave.


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