Property Damage and Injury Claims

How to file a claim

If you have sustained property damage or injury because of the municipality, you must submit a claim document (form, letter, e-mail or fax) to the City of Bathurst.

The form is accessible via link below.

City of Bathurst - Claims Form

To submit your claim

  • In-person delivery at City Hall.
  • By E-Mail


  • By regular mail

                City of Bathurst

                150 St George Street

                Bathurst NB E2A 1B5

                Fax: (506) 548-0581


The City identifies potholes through regular patrols and through reports submitted by the public to Public Works. To report a pothole on a city street, call 506.548.0400. Courts have determined that municipalities are not responsible for damage caused by potholes. Unfortunately, potholes are a fact of life in our climate, and claims for damage caused by potholes will be denied. Your only recourse would be to prove the City’s negligence in a court of law.

Motor vehicle accidents

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident with a City of Bathurst vehicle and believe that the driver of that vehicle is at fault, contact your insurance company and open a Direct Compensation Property Damage claim.

Claims involving subcontractors

The City of Bathurst frequently enters into contracts with independent companies (contractors) to perform work on the City’s behalf. The City’s agreements with the contractors contain a strict requirement that they respond directly to claims for any damage or injury they may have caused to the public. You must therefore submit your claim directly to the contractor so that they can investigate and determine liability.