Services and Divisions

Communications Center

Often referred to as the dispatch center, this sector consists of emergency service workers who handle requests for assistance from the public. If a call is determined as an emergency, the police and other response units and services are called for the situation. This includes regular calls as well as 9-1-1 calls.

The Communication center dispatches calls to the Bathurst Police Force, the Bathurst Fire Department, Bathurst Public Works, BNPP Regional Police Department, as well as ambulance services and 34 additional Fire Departments in the Acadian Peninsula, Chaleur Region and Restigouche area. 

Court & Traffic

The Court Officer is responsible for coordinating all charge files as they work their way through the court process. This includes, laying information for all charge files, processing all unpaid tickets, assuring attendance of accused persons and witnesses in court at the set court date, and answering inter-agency requests for charge related information.

Forensic Identification

The Forensic Identification officer examines and collects evidence from often serious crimes that will be admissible in court. Their collecting involves photographs, videos, physical evidence, fingerprints, attending all major accidents, preparing and presenting evidence in court, and maintaining continuity for all items seized by the Bathurst Police Force.

The Forensic Identification officer works in collaboration with other officers from Bathurst, and frequently assists neighbouring police departments when assistance is needed.

Criminal Investigation Division

Criminal Investigation Division officers are responsible for investigating crimes that are extensive and require trained investigators. These crimes can be sensitive in nature, may involve serious personal injury or loss of property or may involve recurring criminal activity in a specific area. These officers work closely with victims, witnesses, crown prosecutors, social workers, and other provincial agencies.


Patrol Section officers are the first responders to the majority of calls for service in the City of Bathurst. They asses and take appropriate action to all calls of service in the City. Some of their duties include conducting traffic stops and enforcing provincial motor-vehicle laws, enforcing municipal by-laws, restoring the peace, investigating a variety of criminal and non-criminal activities and making arrests.

The Patrol Section consists of four platoons. Each is comprised of a Sergeant and three constables.

Street Crime Unit

Formed in 2017, the Street Crime Unit consists of two officers. The Unit falls under the umbrella of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID). They are responsible for drug enforcement, combating street crime, gathering criminal intelligence, traffic enforcement and repeat offenders.

Since its’ inception, the Street Crime Unit has served numerous Controlled Drugs and Substances Act warrants and affected many arrests, seizing such items as Methamphetamine, Prescription Pills, Cannabis Resin and Contraband Cigarettes.

The SCU also works with other law enforcement agencies to share information and, if warranted, initiate joint investigations.

E.R.T. (Emergency Response Team)

Members of the Bathurst Police Force have a Joint Emergency Response Team, which is a specialized unit comprised of members of the Miramichi and Bathurst Police Forces. The team can be used for High Risk Vehicle Take Downs, High Risk Warrants, or any other operational incident deemed necessary.

The team is deployed with the authority from the Deputy Chief of Operations or the Chief of Police.

The team has a Team Leader, Hostage negotiators, tactical medics, two qualified snipers and a range of specialized equipment used to assist them in their duties.