Snow Plow Tracker

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What does the City of Bathurst's Plow Tracker show me?

The Plow Tracker displays a history trail of Public Works vehicles conducting spreading (also known as "deicing" and/or "anti-icing") and plowing operations. Each vehicle leaves a green (spreading + plowing) and/or grey (spreading only) history trail as they operate. If a vehicle is parked, or operating at under 5 km/hr, it will not be shown on the map.

The history trails can be tracked within the last 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 24 hours by selecting the desired interval below the map.

Using the legend button, roads can be color-coded in red to show the City’s designated "Emergency Routes".

The City of Bathurst's Plow Tracker currently tracks a total of THREE City-operated plows dedicated to these emergency routes, with a tracking delay of approximately 2 minutes.

Two of these three plows are typically in operation during a storm, with the third on a standby. The remaining 7 routes are cleared by local contractors on a call-in basis — please note that these contractors are currently not tracked on this live map.

Click here to learn more about the City of Bathurst's Snow Removal Operations.

Frequently Asked Questions - Emergency Snow Routes

A: Emergency Routes are main arteries in the City which have been identified as critical to the safe travel of emergency vehicles to various sectors of the City. The level of service for these routes has been established as "bare full width at all times". Residents should expect these routes to be safely drivable at all times except during precipitation exceeding 1 cm per hour or freezing rain events.

The emergency routes in Bathurst consist of two runs totaling 70 km. The West emergency route is 34 km, and the town, south, and east emergency route is 36 km. The Snow Plow Tracker map is currently dedicated to tracking progress ONLY for these emergency snow routes.
A: Maintenance on the emergency routes commences immediately during a weather event or if conditions pose a threat to vehicular traffic.
A: Both emergency route runs take approximately 4 hours to complete, but the duration may vary based on the specific requirements. For instance, plowing streets takes longer than applying salt for slippery conditions.
A: Plow trucks may be seen performing plowing duties outside the emergency routes, addressing drifting conditions, icy hills, and intersections as needed.
A: Bathurst currently operates three plow trucks for snow removal on the emergency routes. One of these is typically kept as a backup in case of breakdowns or emergency situations.
A: The remaining areas of Bathurst are divided into 8 quadrants. Snow removal in these areas begins when the snow accumulation reaches 8 cm. Three of the eight runs are managed by City of Bathurst employees, while the other five are contracted out to local service providers.

Please be advised that the details presented are sourced from an automated vehicle location system and are provided as a public service by the City of Bathurst. It is important to note that the City cannot guarantee the real-time accuracy of all the information. While every attempt is made to ensure accuracy and completeness, the City does not warrant the integrity of the information provided.