How to read your monthly water and sewer service invoice

In the City of Bathurst, residential water and sewer services are typically billed at a flat rate each month. The rate you pay depends on the type of service you have, the number of units you are billed for, and any discounts applicable. Commercial and industrial customers on the other hand, are billed based on their water usage.

Here is a sample water and sewer service invoice along with explanations of the key sections to help you understand your bill.

A) Your account number

This unique identifier remains constant unless you move or sell your property. Account numbers typically consist of 13 digits and end in '000'. For online payments done through SNB, you may need to split the number as follows: [123] — [1234567] — [000].

If you are selling your house, your account number will change and will not carry over to your new property.

B) Billing period and due date

Your water and sewer bill covers a full month of service, from the 1st to the last day. This means you're essentially paying for the past 30 or 31 days of usage.

The due date listed on your invoice is the final day to make a payment without incurring a late fee. It's important to note this is the absolute last day.

If you choose to pay electronically through online banking or SNB, factor in 3-4 business days for processing. Payments received after the due date will trigger late fees even if they were submitted before the due date. If you're running last minute on your invoice payment, we recommend either calling or paying in-person at City Hall to immediately update your account before the invoices are generated for the month.

C) Amounts

This section provides a detailed breakdown of all activity on your account. Each line item is clearly labeled as a charge or a credit. Charges (positive numbers, like $XX.XX) represent money owed, while credits (negative numbers, like -$XX.XX) indicate reductions in your bill amount.

Here are some common credit scenarios:

  • Overpayment: If you paid extra last month, the remaining balance might appear as a credit under "Balance Unpaid" (like the -$10.85 in the example).
  • Prepayment: If you paid for the entire year upfront, the "Total payment now due" line will show a negative number that gradually moves towards $0.00 with each monthly bill.

This section also identifies the type of unit you're billed for. In the example, the customer is charged per unit for a single-family home, with one unit each for water ($35.81) and sewer ($32.94). You can find current rates on the City website at

D) Pre-authorized payment date

Customers who are set-up for pre-authorized payments will see this section on their invoice. It indicates the date of the next automatic withdrawal.


We hope this will help clarify your water and sewer invoice. If you have any questions or concerns about your bill, please don't hesitate to contact us! Our friendly customer service representatives are available Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, in-person at City Hall or by calling 548-0400 (option #3).