POLICE - Suspicious package at K.C. Irving Regional Centre

  September 19, 2019

On Thursday September 19, 2019, at approximately 12:25p.m., the Bathurst Police Force received a call from the K.C. Irving Regional Centre concerning a suspicious package in the facility.

Members of the Bathurst Police Force proceeded on site to perform an evaluation of the situation. Based on this evaluation, All employees and visitors at the facility (approximately 50) were evacuated from the premises. Access to the facility was restricted and Emergency personnel and vehicles were onsite in standby mode. This is the required protocol regarding suspicious packages.

The RCMP’s Explosive Disposal Response Unit from Fredericton was called in to assist and proceeded to an evaluation of the suspicious package. It was determined that the package posed no threat to staff or infrastructure and the operation was concluded at approximately 6:45p.m.


City of Bathurst Services