Bathurst launches web app to assist first responders reach incidents in remote areas

Bathurst launches web app to assist first responders reach incidents in remote areas
  June 25, 2019

The City of Bathurst launched today a desktop and mobile app that will assist first responders to reach individuals who suffer a serious incident in remote areas in Northern New Brunswick. The Cellular Reception in Remote Areas app (C.R.R.A.) will enable the mapping of cellular access locations in remote areas where impacted individuals can access to call 9-1-1 services. Further, the app can generate directions for first responders to use in order to reach the remote site with a quicker response time. “When an emergency situation occurs requiring one contacts first responders, the difficulty in securing communications is of concern, limiting first responders’ ability to reach affected individuals or parties as quickly and effectively as possible. This app allows this to happen very effectively. We are proud of the efforts put in by our developers to make this application”, said Bathurst Mayor Paolo Fongemie. The app, launched as a pilot project for the next year, was developed by Michael St-Pierre, Geographical Information Systems Technician for the City, along with Marie-France Arpin, a graduating Student Intern from the CCNB Bathurst Campus’ Environment Program. “When new tools that are at our disposal clearly show promise in helping first responders become more efficient in their efforts, they certainly merit a serious look. In our estimation, the C.R.R.A. desktop and mobile app demonstrates high potential in reducing the amount of time required to get to the scene of a serious incident in remote areas. When just a 5-minute delay can have serious consequences on those we seek to assist, this tool can be the difference maker in the well-being of an individual”, said Bathurst Police Chief Ernie Boudreau. The app is available at the following link: .   Pictured from left: Bathurst Police Chief Ernie Boudreau, Mayor Paolo Fongemie, Graduating Sutdent Intern Marie-France Arpin, GIS Technician Michael St-Pierre


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