March 16, 2015

Help us protect you by adopting a fire hydrant. Firefighters lose precious seconds if they must remove the snow from a fire hydrant located near your property. You can adopt a hydrant by yourself or as a group along with your neighbours by taking turns removing the snow from around your hydrant. Make sure that you remove all snow from within a one-metre clearance around the entire hydrant after a snowfall and don't forget to clear a path to it for access from the street, as well. Municipal employees remove snow from the city’s 828 fire hydrants; however, this is not done systematically after each snowfall and this is a good reason to adopt your nearby fire hydrant and protect your neighbourhood. In order to determine how many fire hydrants have been adopted, please let us know the fire hydrant you're adopting this winter by calling 548-0444. Your help is very important.

City of Bathurst Services