Water line flushing operation — West Bathurst

Water line flushing operation — West Bathurst
  June 11, 2024

Over the next few days, Public Works crews will be conducting multiple targeted water line flushing operations in West Bathurst. This routine maintenance work, sometimes known as "dead-end flushing", will be ongoing at multiple locations across this area.

The goal of this operation is to ensure that the drinking water quality is at its optimal level and to properly maintain the City’s water distribution system.

If residents within West Bathurst notice water discoloration over the next few days, please refrain from washing laundry, and periodically check your water quality by running COLD WATER for 10-15 minutes to verify if the water has cleared up.

The operation is currently scheduled for June 11 and 12, but may also continue until the end of the week.

The City of Bathurst thanks all for their patience and cooperation.

City of Bathurst Services