(RESCHEDULED) St. Anne Booster Station — March 22, 2024

(RESCHEDULED) St. Anne Booster Station — March 22, 2024
  March 20, 2024

UPDATE - 2024-03-21 : Due to a schedule change by contractors involved in the project, the work initialy planned for March 22 at the St. Anne booster station will be rescheduled. We will provide more details on the work as soon as we have a new date confirmed.

The activation of the St. Anne booster station has officially started. Once fully operational, this important investment in our water delivery infrastructure will provide increased stability and pressure to the system, positively impacting the following areas:

  • Ste Anne Street, from the K.C. Irving Regional Centre to Highway 11
  • Parkwood Heights
  • Vanier Boulevard, from Sunset Drive to the Department of Natural Resources buildings
  • Sunset Drive and surrounding streets, ending before Brown’s Bridge

As part of the activation process, crews will be conducting work at the St Anne booster station, on the morning of Friday March 22nd. Clients in the area may, on that day, notice a subtle pressure increase.

While we don't foresee any major issues related to the work on March 22nd, please be aware that any sudden pressure changes within a system can create water discoloration.

If this were to happen, affected residents / businesses should contact City Hall to report the issue. Affected customers are advised to refrain from washing laundry and to periodically check the water quality by running COLD WATER for 10-15 minutes to verify if the water has cleared up.

Clients in the highlighted area can expect gradual pressure increase over the next few weeks, until the station is running at intended capacity.

We thank you for patience and cooperation during this process.

City of Bathurst Services