Bathurst ratifies collective agreement with Police officers and dispatchers

Bathurst ratifies collective agreement with Police officers and dispatchers
  March 19, 2024

The City of Bathurst and the Bathurst Police Association, representing the Bathurst Police Force’s officers and dispatchers, have ratified a new collective agreement. The agreement is effective from January 1, 2024, and expires on December 31, 2027.

“The city moved to a corporate salary strategy, on January 1, 2024, that aligns with the New Brunswick Consumer Price Index, the purpose being to update the salary structure for all our employees. This is the first collective bargaining agreement under this new approach, one that aligns with our values. It provides predictability and stability, while representing fairness and maintaining a competitive advantage for employee recruitment and retention,” said Human Resources Director Sarah Morton.

The agreement identifies wage increases consistent with the provincial Consumer Price Index over the contract term. It includes improved promotional processes, provisions for added police and communications positions, and new ranks for police Corporal and Staff Sargent. It also includes recognition of previous years’ experience for new recruits, offer a better balance of benefits amongst the Police and Dispatch groups, and updated language to enhance the City’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Policy.

“We are pleased at the outcome of negotiations. The process generated innovative components that will be of benefit to the police force, the corporation, and ultimately our citizens. Employee recruitment and retention efforts will also benefit. I congratulate all parties for this forward-thinking agreement”, said Mayor Kim Chamberlain.

“We were pleased with the negotiating process, one that includes a number of proactive elements that will enhance our service delivery to citizens”, said Patrick Bulger, President of the Bathurst Police Association.


Sitting: Mathieu Noel (Recording Secretary) and Patrick Bulger (President) of the Bathurst Police Association, Mayor Kim Chamberlain, Human Resources Director Sarah Morton.

Standing: Inspector Julie Daigle, Deputy Chief Roger Melanson, Chief Guy Thériault, Human Resources Officer Luís Brito and City Clerk Amy-Lynn Parker.


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