City of Bathurst Snow Plow Tracker

City of Bathurst Snow Plow Tracker
  February 29, 2024

While mother nature may be more keen on giving us rain rather than snow, here's a little something we're working on!

The City of Bathurst snow plow tracker -->

The Plow Tracker displays a history trail of Public Works vehicles conducting spreading (also known as "deicing" and/or "anti-icing") and plowing operations. Currently, we're tracking a total of THREE City-operated vehicles, dedicated to what we call the "Emergency Routes". This means you shouldn't expect (for now) to see any lines in subdivisions or side streets.

For days like today, it's a great tool to keep an eye on spreading operations (deicing/salting) on the main roads.

Keep in mind, this is still in an "early project" phase, meaning there are still some kinks to work out. Take a look and let us know via the feedback form if you notice any major hiccups!

Click/tap on the link to learn more.

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