PRESS RELEASE - Balanced budget and no tax increase in Bathurst for 2017

PRESS RELEASE - Balanced budget and no tax increase in Bathurst for 2017
  December 19, 2016

Bathurst City Council completed its’ budget exercise and approved the city’s budget for 2017 at Monday night’s regular Council meeting.   The 2017 General Operating Budget is established at $24, 767, 285 and the Utility Operating Budget is established at $6, 564, 417.   “This budget allows for zero increase in the city’s tax base and zero increase in water and sewerage costs. At the same time, we have established a Reserve Fund with an initial $100, 000. With an exercise already under way to find efficiencies, we are in a favorable position to increase that amount in this next fiscal year and that will allow us to initiate planning on a number of major projects”, said Mayor Paolo Fongemie.   “Bathurst City Council and Management worked very diligently in order to establish a favorable financial environment without compromising any service sector. This will allow us to prioritize a number of enhancements in 2017 and I take this opportunity to thank them for these efforts”, continued Mayor Fongemie.   There will be greater emphasis on repair and maintenance of roads, sidewalks and storm sewers thanks to a budget increase of $100,000 in 2017. Park maintenance and upkeep will also be enhanced, namely with additional investments of $21, 000 for Daly Point Reserve and $25, 000 for Youghall Beach. Amounts are also invested in walking trail paving and enhancements in Bathurst’s local parks.   “As we aim to target Youghall Beach as an important centre of attraction, we will invest an additional $60 000 for a tractor rake for the beach. Following the work already done this year to enhance the dunes, we look forward to re-establishing Youghall Beach as a marquee summer tourist destination” said Fongemie.   An investment of $50, 000 was also earmarked towards the creation of a Regional Tourism Office. “There is a strong commitment from all municipalities and local service districts in the Chaleur Region to establish a strategic approach in promoting our region. By joining forces, we will take advantage of our strengths in order to create a dynamic image of the Chaleur Region, an area that has so much to offer”, the mayor concluded.   Information:         Luc Foulem, Corporate Communications Manager, City of Bathurst                    


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