Cleanup after post-tropical storm Fiona

Cleanup after post-tropical storm Fiona
  September 26, 2022

As cleanup efforts continue, City of Bathurst work crews will be out today to tackle as many post-storm tasks as possible. As of Monday September 26, 2022, the following areas — in no specific order — have been earmarked:

  • 340 Hennessy St.
  • College Street (CN overpass)
  • St. Anne St. (cemetery)
  • St. Anne St. on the grass by skateboard park
  • Ryan Ave. (between Vantassell St. and Vanier Blvd.)
  • 920 Grandview St.
  • 940 Grandview St.
  • Centennial St. (close to rink)
  • Bernon Park
  • 970 Daniel Dr.
  • Intersection of Notre Dame St and Maria Ave.
  • 1465 Maria Ave.
  • 170 Cote Bleu Dr.
  • Cote Bleu Dr. (near mail boxes)
  • 190 Cote Bleu Dr.
  • Nicholas Denys Dr. (zoning sign)
  • 1756 Mclean Ave.
  • Intersection of King Ave. & Lavigne St. (large branch in danger of falling)
  • Walking trail behind the dog park
  • Walking trail behind the K.C. Irving Regional Centre
  • Daly Point Nature Reserve (Parking lot)
  • Bayshore Dr. (near dead-end)
  • Manor Ave. (large branch in danger of falling)
  • Youghall Beach (boardwalk, beach, canteen)

We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time. If you need to report a fallen branch, tree, or sign, please contact City Hall at (506) 548-0400.

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