New service launch for persons with disabilities at Youghall Beach

New service launch for persons with disabilities at Youghall Beach
  July 20, 2021

People with physical disabilities now have the means to go for a swim at Youghall Beach, thanks to a fundraising initiative from a local company.

“Two floating wheelchairs will now be available, allowing people with physical disabilities to fully enjoy a visit at our beach. This is important for us because it makes for an inclusive site, ensuring all who come to the beach can have the same refreshing experience”, said Mayor Kim Chamberlain.

The floating wheelchairs will available from the lifeguard station, located next to the beach’s main building, this during the lifeguard on-site schedule. To further enhance access, a roll out mat pathway will also be installed, allowing users accompanied by a responsible adult to easily roll the wheelchair to the beach line.

The service launch is the result from a fundraising effort lead by the owners of Kent & White and Resurgo Insurance, with contributions from the public and the Bathurst Rotary Club. The $10 000 raised allowed for the purchase of the two wheelchairs and the mat pathway. The City invested $10 000 in an on-site storage facility, making the total investment nearly $20 000.

“One of the main attractions where so many residents and tourists have built memories in our region is Youghall Beach. We wanted to make sure that people with physical mobility challenges could join their friends and family in the water. Making people comfortable is our team’s biggest purpose, whether it be our clients or our communities around us. We are incredibly happy that Youghall Beach can be an inclusive place for everyone to enjoy”, said Brian Schryer, Co-Owner of Kent & White and Resurgo Insurance.

“That community engagement is not lost on us. Our citizens and local entrepreneurs are once again showing their community pride by getting involved in an initiative such as this one, ensuring that everybody can enjoy one of the premiere tourist sites in New Brunswick. We are very grateful for their commitment and contribution”, concluded Mayor Chamberlain.

From left: Brian Schryer and Erin Schryer, co-owners of Kent & White and Resurgo Insurance, Bathurst Mayor Kim Chamberlain, Ron Toivanen, President of the Bathurst Rotary Club


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