Bathurst re-establishes access to certain public sites, resumes public Council meetings at temporary location

  June 11, 2020

The City of Bathurst will re-establish access to some of its outdoor sites. Beginning on Friday June 12th at 12:00pm, the City’s playground areas, Skate Park, Dog Park and the Disc Golf course will be open to the public .

“With complete implementation of site-specific COVID-19 Operational Plans, we’re happy to invite our public to enjoy these wellness areas once again. That said, it is important for citizens to assist us in ensuring we can keep them open. If safety directives posted at each location are not respected, temporary closing of the sites again is a real possibility,” said City Manager Todd Pettigrew. 

Each of the sites scheduled for opening, joining others that are already accessible (tennis and pickleball courts, Daly Point Nature Reserve, Youghall Beach, Chaleur Green Trails throughout the city and Mountain Biking Trails located on Golf Street), will have public signage identifying safety measures that the public must adhere to. 

Plans are also being developed for the re-opening of public washrooms, the Interpretive Center at Daly Point Nature Reserve, the dock at Richelieu Park, as well as the Beach Volleyball Courts at Youghall Beach. 

Bathurst Aquatic Center to open for swimming in July 

The Bathurst Aquatic Center Management confirms that access for swimming will resume as of Wednesday July 1st.

“Following Public Health directives and guidelines, our Daycare Facility opened on Monday June 8th. Concerning swimming activities, we have posted information to our Facebook page regarding the safety measures established and the process by which users will be able to book their swim times. This approach will be necessary for us to ensure public safety at all times. We invite users to review all information and updates through our social media,” said Aquatic Center Manager Diane Guignard. 

Bathurst City Council to resume Public Meetings at temporary site

Bathurst City Council will resume its Public meetings in physical settings as of Monday June 15th, at the K.C. Irving Regional Centre’s Paul Ouellette Room. However, because of COVID-19 Guidelines, the number of citizen attendees will be limited, with webcasts of Council proceedings also continuing.

“It is important for us to enable a direct public presence at our public meetings, as citizens have a right to express themselves to Council regarding matters that concern them. Although we cannot accommodate full delegations, individuals and delegation representatives will be able, with limited capacity inside the room, to have their voices heard. Understanding that we must have safety measures implemented, public access is an important element that we need to ensure is respected,” said Mayor Paolo Fongemie.


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