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City of Bathurst, New Brunswick
Special Response Team (SRT) City of Bathurst Coat of Arms Bathurst City Police
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The Bathurst Police Force Special Response Team is a team of officers comprised of Bathurst Police Force and BNPP Regional Police officers. The purpose of the team is to provide a controlled and timely tactical response to high-risk incidences. Special Response Team members may be called upon to contain and manage high risk situations to reduce the likelihood of injury and death, limit property damage and preserve evidence.


Each member of the team is a police officer with other duties within their respected police department. All team members must undergo extensive testing and training as part of the selection process to be a part of the team. Once one becomes a member of the team, all members must take part in regular training and testing to ensure that their abilities meet or exceed the minimum standards required for Policing Services in Canada.

City Hall at Bathurst, New Brunswick

Chief of Police
Ernie Boudreau

Deputy Chief of Police – Operations
André Comeau

Executive Assistant
Anne Marie Russell

Stephanie Vienneau

Tel: (506)548-0420
Fax: (506)548-0707

Email: City.Police@Bathurst.ca
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