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City of Bathurst, New Brunswick
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The Causeway – Causeway Park was developed as a park more than twenty years ago. You may enjoy the Celtic Cross which celebrates the Irish founding fathers who came to this region over one hundred sixty years ago.

The bell from the Old Post Officeis in a little house built by NB Tel Pioneers. In 1986 visitors from our twin City St. Aubin sur Mer of Normandie France planted a tree commemorating the Canadian soldiers who landed on Juno Beach June 6, 1944.


Nicolas Denys Monuments ( Main Street) – This small stone monument is dedicated to Nicholas Denys the French Governor of New France in 1630. It was erected in 1926 by the I.O.D.E. (Historical Sites & Monuments Board). Denys was the author of the first classical work on Acadia; a copy which still remains. He died in 1688. A plaque has also been placed on a stone at Ferguson Point (Pointe-aux-Pères) where Denys had his fort.

Gowan Brae . The Recollet and Jesuit orders had a mission here in the 17th and 18th centuries. This site was named Pointe-aux-Pères in their honor. A chapel was built here in 1620.

Coronation Park , Memorial ( Douglas Avenue) to War Veterans of World War II 1939-1945 . This monument has the names of soldiers from our region who died during World War II.


Douglas Avenue next to Heritage Museum
Monument symbolizing the types of industries where workers of this community earn a living.

Monument dedicated to members of United Steelworkers of America from this area who have been injured or killed in their work place. Dedicated April 28, 2001.

Tetagouche Hill Marsh Park . Donated by Consolidated Bathurst Ltd. to the City of Bathurst. January 15, 1979

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