• Corporate budget preparation
  • Financial Internal Controls
  • Assistance to external auditors
  • Costing to internal departments
  • Completes all tax certificates
  • Responsible for the application of accounting standards
  • GST payment and recoveries
  • Responsible for all accounting applications
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • City Hall reception desk
  • Collection of payments
  • Water meter readings and billing
  • Customer Service

Financial Officer: Denis Boucher

Clerk Supervisor - Revenue: Carol Rodgers
Junior Accountant: Carole Duguay
Accounts Payable: Denise Kenny 
Cashier/Receptionist:  Mélanie Hachey
Water Meter Reader: Jana Dickie

Telephone: (506)548-0400 
Fax : (506)548-0581 
E-mail :