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City of Bathurst, New Brunswick
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Operation Lookout

Operation Lookout

The Bathurst Police Service overwhelmingly supports the fight against Impaired Driving. You can help by participating in the Operation Lookout program and reporting Impaired Drivers.
How to Spot an Impaired Driver

Any suspicious driving behavior could be a sign of an impaired driver. For example:

  • Driving unreasonably fast, slow, or at inconsistent speeds
  • Tailgating and changing lanes frequently at excessive speeds
  • Passing with insufficient clearance, excessive swerving when overtaking and immediately slowing down
  • "Overshooting" or disregarding traffic control signs or signals
  • Approaching signals or leaving intersections too quickly or very slowly
  • Driving at night without lights, or waiting to turn lights on when starting from a parked position
  • Failing to dim high beams to oncoming traffic
  • Driving in low gear for no apparent reason or repeatedly clashing gears
  • Driving with windows open in very cold weather

Be Cautious If You See An Impaired Driver!

Always try to avoid creating a situation that is more dangerous than the one you are trying to prevent

How to Report an Impaired Driver

Driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated is a serious offence, which far too often results in tragedy.

It is important for you to report the impaired driver to a local law enforcement agency as soon as you see them. "Operation Lookout" is a community based anti-drinking and driving program that provides you with this opportunity. By becoming involved, you are making the roads safer for everyone.

Many businesses in the community, such as gas stations, drive-through restaurants, coffee shops or confectionaries become the focus point where an impaired driver may stop. As a responsible business, this gives you the opportunity to report this individual when spotted. By becoming involved, you may save someone's life. It would be sad to think that you had the opportunity to save a life and you didn't.

Today, it is the hard core, repeat offender who is the problem driver. The message that society will no longer tolerate impaired driving must be driven home. Displaying the Operation Lookout poster in your place of business will go a long way towards changing the behaviour and attitudes of those who still have not got the message.

As a driver on the road, with a cellular phone, you have an excellent opportunity to respond to this program. You alone can make a difference.

Your local police service and the "Operation Lookout" committee challenge you to become involved, either as a Concerned Citizen or Business, or a Corporate Sponsor.

What to do in the Bathurst Region When You See an Impaired Driver:

  1. Call the Bathurst Police Service, and state that you are following or have seen an impaired driver
  2. State your location
  3. Vehicle description:
    - Licence number
    - Colour
    - Make and Model
  4. Direction of travel
  5. Description of driver

What the Police Need ...

When you contact the police, have the following information ready:

  • The location and direction of travel of the suspected impaired driver and the time of your observation.
  • The licence plate number, car make and model, colour and any other information you can provide about your vehicle
  • The description of the driver, and your present location

We consider all Impaired Driving Calls a "Number 1 Priority," and will respond accordingly.

Please remember ... your safety is our concern!

If you find yourself on the road with an impaired driver, let common sense prevail and be cautious. Obey traffic control signs and signals, the posted speed limits, all other rules of the road and keep your distance from the suspect.

We thank you for your support in participating in the Operation Lookout program. We know you want to help in the fight to keep our roads safe.

Remember, law enforcement officers and other emergency response personnel are trained specialists. Please leave them to do their job unless they request your assistance. DO NOT try to apprehend the suspect yourself

Let's Look at the Facts

  • Drunk driving causes more deaths, injuries and destruction than all murderers, muggers, rapists and robbers combined
  • Every 4 hours, someone is killed by an impaired driver. Every 20 minutes someone, somewhere in Canada falls victim to an impaired driver, and every year over 45% of all traffic collisions involve alcohol.
  • Drunk driving costs Canadians tens of millions of dollars annually in court costs, rehabilitation, lost earnings, health care and social programs. This money comes directly out of your pocket in taxes and lost revenue

Today's Problem Driver is the "Hard Core Drinker and Repeat Offender"

In New Brunswick:

  • Over 1,676 people were charged with impaired driving related offences in 2003.
  • Over 1,443 driver’slicences are currently under suspension as a result of impaired driving convictions.

What Can I Personally Do to Reduce These Statistics?

  • Set an example for others
  • Be a "Designated Driver" (Remember, impairment starts with the first drink)
  • Promote "Zero Alcohol Driving"
  • Be a responsible party host
  • Use "Operation Lookout" to report impaired drivers

For more information, contact the Crime Prevention Unit of the Bathurst Police Service at 548-0471. You can also contact us by sending email to: police.crime@bathurst.ca

City Hall at Bathurst, New Brunswick

Chief of Police
Ernie Boudreau

Deputy Chief of Police – Operations
André Comeau

Executive Assistant
Anne Marie Russell

Stephanie Vienneau

Tel: (506)548-0420
Fax: (506)548-0707

Email: City.Police@Bathurst.ca
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