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City of Bathurst, New Brunswick
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Home Security Inspection Program

Home security inspections allow community members to take an active role in making their homes less susceptible to criminal activity. Based on proven crime prevention principles, residents learn how to make their homes safer.

At your request police representatives visit your home (house, condo, apartment, etc.) to provide a safety audit – assessing ways to make your home safer. The audit is based on a checklist, and participants are provided a booklet that identifies safety improvements, provides crime prevention tips and promotes other crime prevention initiatives offered by the Bathurst City Police.

Contact the Bathurst City Police, Crime Prevention Section: at 548-0471 or email police.crime@bathurst.ca to schedule your home security inspection.

City Hall at Bathurst, New Brunswick

Chief of Police
Ernie Boudreau

Deputy Chief of Police – Operations
André Comeau

Executive Assistant
Anne Marie Russell

Stephanie Vienneau

Tel: (506)548-0420
Fax: (506)548-0707

Email: City.Police@Bathurst.ca
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