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Adrienne Elfner-Hazen


Adrienne was born to a military P.Eng. in Edmonton, Alberta whose postings took his family to new locations across Canada on a frequent basis. Adrienne attended 13 schools in 13 years from Victoria, B.C. to Montréal, Québec and north to Whitehorse, Y.T. Every posting was a new experience of making friends, new schools, curriculums and changing climatic and social forces.

Always interested in art from early childhood, she found an avenue for expression and pleasure in her constantly changing world. Adrienne pursued art throughout her school years both at school and in private lessons.

In 1984, Adrienne attended the University of Calgary to obtain a degree in Fine Arts. At University she majored in sculpture and minored in cultural anthropology. A highlight was to study in Cuernavaca, Mexico where she integrated courses in archaeology, anthropology and indigenous art. She graduated in 1987 with her B.F.A., married and moved to Bathurst.

Since she missed the structure of the university art programs, she decided to take advantage of what was available in the Chaleur Region beginning in 1988 with a course in ceramics given in French by Jacques Martin, who lived in the Caraquet area. In subsequent years she took courses with Molly Lamb Bobak, Robert Percival and David Silverberg, just to name a few.

In 1991 she and other emerging artists new to the Bathurst region began the Chaleur Nepisiguit Association of Art and Culture with the mandate of "Uniting artists and crafts-persons of the community for purposes of friendship, networking and cultural development of the arts". This organization was later renamed the Bathurst Art Society for simplicity.

Adrienne became President of the Art Society in 1993 when it had six members. In 2008, the society's membership had grown to 56 members. She served as President for 11 years in 2 separate terms and has always remained an integral part of the association. In 1994 she created a co-operative production of a mural together with 11 other participating artists. "On the Marsh" was later donated to the City of Bathurst as was a second mural "The Tug Boat St. Anne", (1996) and both continue to be seen on a building at the corner of King Avenue and Main Street.

In 1996, she was a founding member of the Little Gallery/La Petite Galerie that ran consistently for 6 years with the help of volunteers. In 2003 the gallery moved to a new location in a tourist waterfront development in downtown Bathurst. The gallery was renamed the Bay Breeze Art Gallery. The gallery operated almost entirely with member volunteers (except for a few summer students) until September 2008, at which time Adrienne was hired as Gallery Manager. As manager, she is responsible for daily procedures and an educational component that includes organizing and teaching art classes to the community.

Adrienne has consistently produced art works in almost all mediums. Some of the earliest creations are impressions of memories. Throughout her career she has thrown clay to produce pottery and sculptural forms. Other sculptural techniques include wood carving, metal work, paper and bronze casting. She paints in oils, collage, water color, acrylic, pastels and on silk. To her, art is a life- long event - one where there is always room to learn and where an artist must constantly reach out to achieve greater mastery in technique and expression.

Adrienne has shown widely throughout Bathurst since 1993 in annual exhibitions, at the Smurfit Stone Library, the Auberge de la Vallée, C.C.N.B.'s gallery, and she regularly exhibits her work at the two Bathurst Art Society's art galleries. She has shown at the New Brunswick Art Fair in Moncton, with the Saint John Art Society, at the Restigouche Art Gallery, the Nicol Art Museum at the University of Calgary and at the Gulf Oil Art Gallery in Calgary. She has sculptures at the Children's Hospital in Calgary, Alberta.

Her personal journey was to help herself and others develop an artistic presence in the Bathurst area. She believes that she has attained that goal and hopes to continue to pass on her knowledge and assistance to others in the community so they will gain the pleasure and satisfaction that the process of creation can give.

Adrienne believes that art is a documentation of the history of mankind over a period of time and it is essential that it be nurtured and promoted within the community in order to create a sense of pride.

Denis Hachey

Denis HacheyBATHURST LIGHTENED is meant as an invitation to a better co- operation between the two cultures - French & English - that have shaped Bathurst through the years. The Village bridge symbolizes that necessary cooperation; the bridge has been replaced by a more modern one, but it will long remain a precious relic of our past. The Ferris Wheel is the symbol of unity, light, and joie-de-vivre, but the deliberately uneven wheel is meant as a representation of life... imperfect but yet going on and on and on!

Overlooking the city, on St. Peter Ave, stands Holy Family Church, which has long been and continues to be a place of prayer and gathering for all. Way beyond the Harbour appears the legendary Chaleur Phantom and Indian Island. Harmony and cooperation between the two cultures lighten up Bathurst's past, present, and future.


 Denis HacheyIn 1995, before the Québec Referendum on Sovereignty, Denis Hachey worried seriously about Canada's fate in the event of separation. He decided then to portray his feelings and his vision of Canada through a 48"X40" oil painting entitled "O CANADA".

The focal point of the painting is an upside down red maple tree on a white background leaning on parliament hill with its roots reaching for the sky. Various symbols in the painting represent the canadian way of life and emphasize that it is possible to work together to rebuild a stronger Canada. The Québec fleur-de-lis in the upper right hand corner represents the separatists who have spread the disease.

In the lower half of the painting are assembled elements of peace, hope, and unity. Shown in groups of four, the symbols were inspired by the four syllables of O CANADA: the teepees bearing a feather represents the First Nations, the cylinders represent the English people, and the rectangular containers, the French. The dove symbolizes the immigrants who have traveled great distances to seek freedom and peace in our beautiful country. The saplings, straight and green, show rebirth of the country through unity of the various peoples and cultures. It also recreates harmony within the painting...and within Canada.-

Denis Hachey's dream is to promote his vision of national unity by exhibiting his work in art galleries in all the provinces throughout Canada and finally in Ottawa where he hopes to leave it for good. "It belongs to the Canadians who inspired me in the first place".

A smaller canvas (11" X 14") accompanying O CANADA bears the signature, in red of people present at the launching. Mr. Frank McKenna, past premier of New Brunswick and Mr. Gary Filmon of Manitoba signed in green and, it is hoped, all other provincial Premiers shall as well. Denis Hachey's signature is representative of the Acadian flag...in red, white, blue, and yellow!




Jean-Frances has always lived in Canada where she was born. She can’t remember not painting. She has taught art for over twenty-five years in the community and privately. In 1976 she received her degree in Fine Arts, Humanities from McMaster University and has continued to both give and take art workshops in a variety of media. She has worked extensively in the community to promote the arts and was instrumental in1991 in founding the Chaleur Nepisiquit Association for Arts and Culture, now the Bathurst Art Society.

She exhibits annually with the Bathurst Art Society show and has participated in shows at the Bathurst Community College, the Little Gallery in Bathurst, the Nepisiquit Library in Bathurst, the Restigouche Gallery in Campbellton, the former Ring Gallery in Saint John and the Queen-Saulter Library in Toronto. These were exhibitions of drawings in ink and pencil, watercolour street scenes and a miniature series of eight block prints done in black ink on white paper.

From 1990 to 1995 she wrote a weekly "Art Talk" column for The Northern Light newspaper, creating an art lesson utilizing local details of interest for demonstration. These were suitable for children as well as adults and made people take another look at the world around them. In 1997 she self-published "There’s a Dragon in Bathurst", a children’s book about a dragon who is created from landmarks in the Bathurst area. The book was nominated for and received a Lieutenant Governor’s literacy award in 1998.

In 1999 she was illustrator for the publication "There was a Mine in Northern New Brunswick" by David Gallagher. Exclusive of the painted illustration on the cover she conceived and executed all illustrations in pen and ink and pencil in this publication. In 2001 she was poet laureate for Peter Gzowski’s Invitational Golf for Literacy held in Bathurst, New Brunswick. The same year she composed lyrics to the St. Andrew’s Anthem music composed by Ludmila Knezkova-Hussey which was presented at St. Andrew’s in July, 2001.

She enjoys doing pencil portraits of people and pen and ink sketches of houses. Much of her colour work utilizes watercolour, but at present she is doing a series of acrylic on board paintings, mostly landscapes. Poetry and writing continue to occupy her.

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