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City of Bathurst, New Brunswick
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Who we are...

The community ambassador acts as an extension of the economic engine of Bathurst. From tourism to manufacturing, a positive impression of the region is a key element to attraction of business at all levels. What are the qualifications to being a Connect Bathurst Ambassador? Simple if you can select any one of the following boxes, you have what it takes:

□ Do you live in Bathurst?

□ Do you work in Bathurst?

□ Do you want to see Bathurst grow and prosper?

Click here to fill in the proper forms. When the group is formalized, we will contact you with more information.

WHY? Did we start Connect Bathurst? There is a real need to share our community with the world. There is a need to grow our community from the inside and develop the resources to grow and prosper.

  • · Connect Bathurst is a movement to increase synergies within our community.
  • · It connects business to people; it connects our resources with the outside world.
  • · It shares the vision of Bathurst with the outside world.
  • · It recognizes those that help to improve our community.

What we do.

An ambassador is expected to be a knowledgeable member of the community who shares the passion to advance the City. They are trained and equipped with tools to properly reflect Connect Bathurst. They provide a positive image of the region as a place to live, work and visit. What are some of the roles that an Ambassador might play?

  • · Welcoming a new business to our community
  • · Delivering information to new businesses, helping them make the connections they require
  • · Sharing our secrets, our advantages and the unique opportunity that lies within this community
  • · Representing our community to your counterparts
  • · Delivering leads to the Economic Development partners to grow our economy

When do we act?

While we understand private business travel is just that, we encourage Connect Bathurst Ambassadors to end every outside meeting with a business card that brings the individual to the economic development website where they can explore the region.

Where we act.

Ambassadors are needed across the globe. Local ambassadors do this every day. From welcoming tourists to our region, stopping to assist a tourist with directions or assistance, or simply by providing outstanding service at your place of business. Connect Bathurst Ambassadors are critical.

What Do We Work With?

Tools and training !

Tools – business cards that show your role with the Connect Bathurst. Special access to information on our region and people who can answer your questions.

Knowledge – We plan to bring local groups and companies to highlight their capabilities. Share with Connect Bathurst Ambassadors what they do and how they can serve outside markets.

Training is important – we will provide insight and training into the specifics that make our community special. We feel it, let us show you how to express it.

City Hall at Bathurst, New Brunswick

DBRC Coordinator and interim Economic Development Manager
Chris Daigle

Tel: (506) 548-8000

Email: dbrc-crcb@bathurst.ca
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