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City of Bathurst, New Brunswick
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275 Chaleur Royal Canadian Sea Cadets

Bathurst Armory, 1820 King Ave
Formation and training.  Monday evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Bathurst Armory.  Open to all youth ages 12 to 18 yrs. Birth Certificate Required. There are no registration fees, dues or costs for uniforms or for the basic Cadet Program. Cadets and parents are encouraged to participate in fundraising. A great learning experience and a great way to make new friends.

C I Veniot-Doucet
2nd Battalion, The Royal New Brunswick Regiment (North Shore) - Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reserve
We are part of your community and we want you to learn military skills as a member of the primary reserves during your leisure time. Join us on selected nights and weekends for a challenging and rewarding experience. Earn while you learn with us!

Employment Criteria :
  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Be 17 years of age
  • Pass the enrolment test
  • Successfully completed grade 10
For more information contact the Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre - Bathurst Detachment at 1-800-856-8488 or visit one of the following Armouries:
  • Bathurst : (506) 549-6002
  • Campbellton : (506) 789-6300
  • Miramichi : (506) 627-2148

640 Air Cadet Squadron
Air Cadet Training
Col. Gammon Armoury: 1820 King Ave.
Open to all youth 12 to 18 years of age
No cost involved. Must have birth certificate as proof of age.
Capt. K. Thériault ou Capt. J. Chiasson
(506) 548-4739
The Alpha group caters to people investigating Christianity. For more information, call Murielle Young at 548-2621.
Murielle Young
Animal Shelter (Bathurst) and Gloucester SPCA
Charitable organization whose mandate is to shelter homeless animals.

Facebook: Bathurst Animal Shelter
Janet Doucet
880 Riordon Avenue, Industrial Park, Bathurst
Archery Club

Bathurst Archery Club

The Bathurst Archery Club meets in the basement of the Knights of Columbus Hall at 355 Douglas Avenue every Monday night for kids from 6:30 – 8:00 p:m, and Wednesday night from 7:00 – 9:00 p:m for adults. For more information please call Raymond at 548-2061 or Leo at 548-8940

Raymond or Leo
548-2061 or 548-8940
Bathurst / Chaleur Special Olympics

Our Vision for Special Olympics
Special Olumpics is dedicated to enriching the lives of people with an intellectual disability through sport.

We will:
* Provide all athletes with choices in their opportunity to train and to compete;
* Be accessible and open to all athletes with an intellectual disability, regardless of their ability;
* Be a change agent for social inclusion - advocating for and providing all athletes the opportunities for integration through sport;
* Be recognized as an integral and valued part of the sport delivery system by working in partnership with sport organizations.

We will:
* Provide quality programs and services for our members and supporters;
* Provide quality training for athletes and coaches;
* Provide a high level of support for athletes in training and competition including a focus on their personal health, well-being and safety.

Bathurst/Chaleur is in need of volunteers to handle the administration of our local. If anyone is interested in helping to keep this organization running, please contace one of the following:

Bowling: Jennifer Bishop @506-252-0688 bishop.jennifer.a@gmail.com

Bathurst Art Society

The Bathurst Art Society meets the 3rd Monday of every month except June – August and the month of December.  Our mandate is “To unite artists of the community for purposes of friendship, cultural development, promotion of the arts and networking”.  We have approximately 40 members, most of whom are local emerging artists and some professional artists, with work of all styles, and mediums.

We own and operate the “Bay Breeze Art Gallery” where we sell and display our art work.  This lovely gallery is located in the La Promenade Waterfront in downtown Bathurst.   We also have a meeting/workshop room where our meetings are held, as well as art classes which are held on a regular weekly basis during the fall, winter and spring, and are for people of all ages.  We also carry a good selection of art supplies for sale. 

The Gallery is open April to December.  During the months of April, May, Sept to Dec. we are open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  During the summer months (June-August) we are open daily with extended hours.

We partnered with the Miramichi Art core in 2010, operating under the name of “Art Tells Stories”.  We have two (2) projects per year and our objective is to unite all artists in north eastern New Brunswick.

Bathurst Curling Club
Curling facility - November thru March
Lounge rental (year round)
Large surface area rental May thru September (11,000 sq. feet)
209 St. Andrew Street
Bathurst Duplicate Bridge Club

The Bathurst Duplicate Bridge Club holds games on Monday evening at 7:00pm and Wednesday and Thursday afternoons at 1:00pm.   Although our executive is mainly English we have many French  speaking players.  All are welcome from beginner to expert level.  Bridge is a card game that can be easily learned and enjoyed for a lifetime.  If you would like to learn to play bridge or need a partner please call Judy Losier at 546-3856.

Judy Losier
Bathurst Employment Services & Training (B.E.S.T.) Group
We provide vocational, basic skills and job training services to adults with disabilities in our region.
Sheila Rogers
NBCC - Yougall - 75 Youghall Drive
Bathurst Foster Family Association

Foster families play a vital role within our communities. If you are interested in becoming a foster family or if you have any questions, contact the regional office of Social Development at 1-866-441-4341.

Share life. Become a foster family.

Bathurst High School Community Access Center
The aim of the Center is to provide our community with affordable access to today's technology and the tools necessary to learn how to use this technology. We are a non-profit organization located in the Bathurst High School library.

640 King Avenue
Bathurst, New Brunswick
(506) 547-2753
Bathurst Jukaijutsu - Self Defence Club

Martial Arts - JiuJitsu (Karaté, Judo, Aikido)
Martial arts and self defence classes for adults and students 9 years and older.
Monday and Thursday - 6:30 to 8:15 pm

Develop self confidence
Get in shape
Get better marks in school
Become energetic
Learn focus and discipline

One (1) week free trial

Wayne Thibodeau
65, rue St. André Road, Ste Anne (Bathurst)
Facebook: waynethibodeau, group Jukaijutsu
Bathurst Minor Baseball Association
Brent Nelson, President
Bathurst Minor Hockey Association
Dave Brown
(506) 547-9646
Bathurst Piranhas Swim Club
The mandate of the Bathurst Piranhas Swim Club is to provide opportunities for club members to reach their maximum potential in the sport of competitive swimming in an atmosphere of participation, excellence and fun.
Bathurst Sustainable Development
PO Box 20047 RPO
1047 St. Peter Avenue
Bathurst, N.B.
E2A 2Y0
(506) 548-2106
Bathurst Youth Centre

The Bathurst Youth Centre gives our youth a place to meet and enjoy leisure activities in a healthy, secure and fun environment. This environment meets the interests and needs of today's young people. We offer a variety of activities and programs. Counseling services and assistance with employment are also available. Any other activity or service that young people desire is prioritized.

895, rue St. Anne Street, Bathurst, NB
(506) 549-3215
Bathust Volunteer Center Inc.
Food bank, soup kitchen, Meals on Wheels, clothing bank, furniture, counselors.
Michel Godin
464 avenue King Avenue, Bathurst, NB
Canine Club
Is your dog or puppy hard to handle or is he an angel? Does he pull at the leash? Become excited or aggressive when meeting new dogs or people? You can teach an old dog new tricks. Anyone interested in working with their dog is welcome to attend Dog Socialization classes offered by the Chaleur Canine club. The club meets every Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m., upstairs in the SPCA building on Riordon Avenue. For more information, call Bob at 548-9136.
Chaleur Adult Learning Inc.

In the Chaleur region, you will find several community adult learning, either Anglophone or francophone centres. These classes provide a second chance for:

1. Finish high school;

2 Find a better job.


These classes for adult learning provide learners:

1. Free training for those 18 years and older;

2 Program up to 30 hours of training per week (full or part time) (day or evening);

3 Catch-up school level 1 to 9 (English and math) and preparation for the GED;

4 Knowledge and skills to improve their ability to read and write;

5 Basic computer training program.

Sylvie Robichaud, Directrice des opérations / Director of Operations
725 rue du Collège Local P416
Chaleur Athletics

Athletisme Chaleur Athletics is a regional club that provides fundamental fitness and fun while teaching the necessary basic and advanced skills for all disciplines in track and field. The club follows the national guidelines for Long Term Athlete Development and offers comprehensive coaching by certified coaches. Chaleur Athletics takes pride in providing a positive learning environment, while providing  training for both the competitive and recreational athlete. 

Jennifer Butler
Chaleur Gardening Club
The Chaleur Gardening Club meets the first Wednesday of each month at the Bathurst Heritage Museum at 7 p.m. Contact Darlene Alexander at 548-4290 for more information.
Chaleur Road Runners Club
The Chaleur Running Club dedication is to promote running for health, recreation and competition for runners of all ages.
Chaleur Soccer Club
Joelle Legresley
Chaleur Toastmasters

Chaleur Toastmasters Club - In a French and English environment 

Toastmasters is an international association where you can learn the basics of communication, such as introducing yourself to a group, presenting a report, telling a joke or even telling a good story.  It's a supportive environment where you can learn and practice at your own pace and set your own goals. Upon joining a Toastmasters club, members have access to books and educational resources that will enable them to become better speakers, leaders and communicators while increasing their self-confidence.

The Chaleur Toastmaster's Club meets every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 725 College Street, Room P234 (CCNB Bathurst) from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Meetings are held in French and English.  You are free to communicate in the language or your choice!  Please be our guest!  

You can attend several meetings as a guest, without obligation. Why not check it out?


Ron Toivanen
725, rue College street (CCNB Bathurst)
Children's Wish Foundation

The Bathurst subchapter of the CWF meets the third Wednesday of each month at the Atlantic Host. Everyone is welcome.

Children's Wish, a registered National charity with chapters in every province and territory, relies on the generosity of its donors and volunteers to make certain that no wish is refused. Children's Wish has established itself as one of the most recognized registered charities in Canada and the most recognized organization when it come to granting wishes for children diognosed with life threatening illnesses. For more information on the  Bathurst Subchapter, please visit www.childrenswish.ca or call Julie Doucet at 506-546-0652 or email julie.doucet@hatheway.com.

Julie Doucet
CNIB is a registered charity, passionately providing community-based support, knowledge and a national voice to ensure Canadians who are blind or partially sighted have the confidence, skills and opportunities to fully participate in life.

If you, or someone you know, has difficulty with everyday activities due to vision loss, contact CNIB as soon as possible. We can help you to adjust and learn new ways to do the things you enjoy. We may even be able to help you take steps to prevent future vision loss or prepare for future changes in your vision.

List of programs and services include: independent living skills, low vision, orientation and mobility, library services, consumer products and assistive technology, support and self-help groups, child and family services as well as career and employment services.

Facebook: CNIB

Sophie Thibeault
270, avenue Douglas Avenue
(506) 546-0175 1-800-563-2642
www.cnib.ca www.inca.ca
Country Line Dancers
Line Dancing:
Beginners - Tuesday from 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Advanced - Friday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm
Rita Frenette
Centre régional K.-C.- Irving Regional Centre - Salle Florence Roussy Room
The Holy Family CWL meets the first Tuesday of each month in the Holy Family Church basement at 7:30 p.m. The Sacred Heart CWL Council meets the first Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the basement of Sacred Heart Cathedral. The Little Flower Council CWL meets the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. with the executive getting together at 6:30 p.m. in the basement of the St. Theresa's Church.
The Bathurst Area Dressage Group Cadora has regular informative meetings and events for horse people of all ages and backgrounds.
(506) 783-2943
École de Danse BoGeste

École de Danse BoGeste was established in the Chaleur Region in 1985.  The school provides dance instruction in Classical Ballet (both soft-toe and pointe), Creative Dance, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Street Jazz and Theatrical Performance. École de Danse BoGeste welcomes all who want to dance, despite age, ability or previous training.  We offer a variety of dance styles for all ages and all levels, starting at age 3 all the way to adult level classes.  We also train awarding winning competitive troupes and travel throughout the province performing. We believe that dance is for all who want to experience the joy of creative movement.   

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bogestedanse
53 Rue Rochette, Petit-Rocher, NB
Friends in Song
The 'Association of Friends in Song' is a registered non-profit organization started in 1984 by Thomas and Yvette Kyte. It consists of men and women who wish to promote music through singing and entertaining others with the skills we've acquired. Since its formation, the 'Glee Club' has continued to grow along with its musical ability. Their repertoire includes such selections as pop tunes, classics, tunes from movies and Broadway, Acadian selections and just plain fun songs. It also includes industrial tunes similar to those sung by 'Men of the Deep' (Coal Miners Chorus). We have also entertained at Legion functions with their knowledge of selections from the war years. Friends in song has performed for many charity fund raising drives, also in hospitals, schools, senior citizen's homes, public concerts and has also been a source of entertainment for conventions and parties.

In 1987, we performed at the 'Mining Association of Canada' convention in Ottawa at the Westin Hotel, sponsored by Noranda. During the same year we were the opening entertainers for the Ronnie Prophet and Freddie Fender shows in Bathurst and Dalhousie. Following that, we did a concert with the 'Men of the Deep' in Campbellton. All this, conbined with appearances at the local music festival, have made this group the favorite of many people in the region. Their versatility and ability to coordinate music, costuming and choreography have made them a most entertaining musical review group.

We meet every Wednesday at 7 pm in the Florence Roussy Room at the K.C. Irving Regional Centre on St. Anne Street. New members are always welcome. The only requirement is to enjoy singing. Everything else is taught at the group sessions.

Thomas Kyte (Director / Manager)
Thomas Kyte
Généalogie Népisiguit GENEALOGY

Généalogie Nepisiguit GENEALOGY is a bilingual group of interested members who have thousands of names and facts stored in a database in the archives. The members are ready to work with individuals in search of their ancestors with roots in Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada. If the information is not found in the archives, everything possible will be done to assist you in your search, and to let you know where else you may search. In "The Bernard (Sonny) Veniot Archives" there are records of marriages, births, deaths, old land grants and maps, town plot maps, newspapers and microfilms. There are records of all churches and all denominations as well as the Census books for the counties of Gloucester, Northumberland and Restigouche.

Regular meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm in the Archives. We are situated in the lower level of the Nepisiguit Centennial Cultural Center (Bathurst Heritage Museum) at 360 Douglas Avenue in Bathurst, NB (side entrance facing Coronation Park).


(Winter season)
January to May and September to December, Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
(Summer season)
Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

360, rue Douglas Ave., Bathurst, NB E2A 4S6
Multicultural Association Chaleur Region Inc.

The Multicultural Association Chaleur Region Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping with the settlement and integration of immigrants and promoting multiculturalism in the Chaleur Region. Membership is $10/ person, $15/family.  

Our Welcome and Integration Center is open from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

645 Murray Avenue, Suite 1
Bathurst NB E2A 1T9
Tel. 506-547-7651 Fax 506-547-2576

Northstar Quilt Guild
Meet every 1st Tuesday of the month from
September to June at 7:00 pm at the Resource Centre, 775 College Street.
Everyone welcome!
Cynthia Roy
(506) 548-9111
Scouts Canada-(Bathurst District)
Steven R. McCutcheon-President
(506) 548-5929
Skate/Patinage Bathurst
c/o KC Irving Regional Centre
850 St. Anne Street, Bathurst, NB, E2A 6X2

President - Kim Murty Comeau
Vice President - Monica David
Secretary - Tina Laforge Morais
Test Chairperson/Media - Manon Dunn
Teasurer: Susan Comeau

Kim Murty Comeau
(506) 544-1424
Sport Amateur Chaleur
Bruno Poirier
St. John Ambulance

691 Bathurst Youth Division - St. John Ambulance welcomes new members from ages 11 to 17 years who are interested in learning First Aid and other new skills. Meetings are held every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Bathurst Kinsmen Community Hall, 1100 St. Peter Avenue. For more information, please call 546-0100.

Synergies Chaleur
Is the creation of an environment for young adults or the "yough at heart" (19 and over) to provide meaningful social activities while providing an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.
  • Brings youth together to create sense of community in the Chaleur region.
  • Serves as a bilingual organization and members are free to speak in the language of their choice. Synergies operates on a system of respect for all ideas and appreciates everyone's contributions.
  • Synergies is not just for "young professionals" but for all young adults in the region.
  • Synergies Chaleur will have monthly social activities and a variety of events for all interests.


TAOIST TAI CHI, often referred to as 'meditation in motion', is a very gentle and effective art for improving our bodies, minds and spirits and is appropriate for all men, women and children.

Often credited by its participants for improving their physical challenges, the practice of TAOIST TAI CHI is recognized for its many health benefits.

Regular weekly classes are available in Bathurst and Petit-Rocher.

Beginners' classes are offered in September and January.

For more information, please call 548-8433 or 783-2926.

Bathurst, Petit-Rocher
548-8433; 783-2926.
Viva Action
Viva Action is a non-profit organization consisting of health professionals of the Chaleur region. We are dedicated to promoting health and physical activity.

Our vision: 'The people of the Chaleur region will become more active and in better health.'

Our mission: 'Fight against sedentary lifestyle, educate people on health, and promote pysical activity in the Chaleur region for people of all ages.'

Page Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/VivaAction
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